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Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Success Story Of Alastair Borthwick


A Scottish broadcaster and author who was born on February 17, 1913, at Rutherglen in South Lanarkshire, was known as Alastair Charles Borthwick. The books written by Alastair Borthwick were based on his home, Scotland, as well as emphasizing on the whole world.


Being born at the age of World War I and World War II gave him the motivation to write for he was a very sharp and sensitive journalist. He became a brave wartime intelligence officer and also worked as a producer for British television viewers in terms of documentaries. Alastair Borthwick is a very notable journalist for making non-fiction accounts which became a classic.


Early Life


During his early and teenage years, at the age of sixteen, he started to drop out of high school in order to begin his training at the Glasgow Evening Herald for training and to improve his skills in journalism. His big career move was the major turning point of his life and it became his strong foundation.


Later on, he worked for major roles such as being the writer and editor of various sections and features for newspaper companies.


A Successful Career


Alastair Borthwick wrote his first book that documented the working-class characters during the time where the Scottish where thriving at hill-walking and grass-roots climbing movement. The next seminal book was known as the “History of Caithness and Sutherland from 1942 to 1945”. It became a popular and formal history of the fifth battalion.


Years later, after seeing republication back in 1994, Alastair Borthwick worked in the same battalion where he was able to show his brave and furious side with other officers and men from Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, North Africa, and Germany.


In addition to this, the man was remembered as one of the best writers in the world. The two books that he wrote had a great impact and influence on Scotland and the history of the world. Aside from that, Borthwick’s wit, charm, and a good sense of humor have contributed to the growth of the books making it easier and less tense to read yet it contains an inspiring and heavy lesson. See This Page to learn more.


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Ryan Seacrest’s Love for Entertainment


The American Entertainment Industry is a competitive one. You have to be extraordinarily to be accepted in this industry. Ryan Seacrest has proven that one that hard work and determination can make anyone stand out in any industry whatsoever.


He is a multi-talented individual who has juggled his way through in different career paths. Ryan has been both in the visual and audio entertainment industry.


He currently co-hosts a morning show ‘Live with Kelly Papa.’ Together with Kelly, the two have spiced up the show, and fans are happy about that. Their appearance is rich in talent and humor. Kelly and Ryan Seacrest have excellent working chemistry, and that is what has made the show to stand out. Besides, they are equally passionate about their job, and this makes them push the show to even greater heights.


Ryan Seacrest just moved to New York recently and has to adjust with the busy city. At first, he found it hard to change but soon got used to the happenings of the City. He is a morning person who is up by 6’oclock in the morning. He then does a few exercise routine before going to work. Ryan loves exercising because it keeps him in a positive mood that is a requisite for a successful day takeover. He also loves boxing and feels that it is a good sport to keep the mind focused.


TV Shows


Ryan Seacrest has played a huge role in some of the highest grossing reality shows in America. He was one of the leading producers for the famous ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ His crew managed to pull up a sophisticated yet exciting storyline that made the show enjoyable to watch. All that drama can give you an adrenaline rush which is sometimes necessary for you to enjoy an exciting show. Read This Article to learn more.


Again in 2019, Ryan Seacrest co-hosted the American Idol together with super talented individuals such as Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry. Together, they managed to identify some of the most talented people in America. The spotted talent is then nurtured by connecting them with the bigwigs of the entertainment industry.


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Meet Liu Qiangdong, The E-commerce Guru


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of, an online retail company that focuses on e-commerce. He is an alumnus of the famous Renmin University in China where he graduated with a degree in sociology. Richard had an interest in entrepreneurship and began his first venture only two years after graduation.


Inception of


In 1998, Liu Qiangdong opened a retail magneto-optical products shop in Beijing. Richard Liu Qiangdong idea was to take over the market and become the best electronic products provider. After a few years, the business picked up, and he renamed it “Jingdong”, a name coined from the last character of his name and his then girlfriend’s name. Go To This Page for related information.


By 2003, Jingdong expanded all over China and had 12 affiliate stores spread across the country. Then came the famous SARS outbreak that made Liu Qiangdong close the affiliate stores and focus on selling the products via the available online platforms. This was the beginning of the e-commerce business for Jingdong.


Performance of


Years down the line, the company has transformed to be one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in China. Currently, is worth over $12 billion, and we can only expect the figures to go up in the coming years. Liu Qiangdong has put successfully put up mechanisms that have made the company have progressive growth.


Liu Qiangdong is a hardworking and results-oriented who will stop at nothing than success. He has vast experience in e-commerce, and this puts him ahead of his peers. Liu Qiangdong ventured into e-commerce at a time when nobody would have ever thought that people will rely on online platforms to make purchases and sales. His relentless spirit is what has made him successful in most of his ventures. Additionally, he has employed a team of qualified personnel who are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that is at par with the current technological developments.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the perfect embodiment of how an entrepreneur ought to be like. He has proven beyond doubt that we should never give up but instead keep pushing on till we get the desired results.



Contemporary Slavery The Latest Battle For Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Foundation


The Grace Farms Foundation and its leader, Sharon Prince have been seeking new ways of battling many of the social issues facing the world which go unreported. One of the social justice issues the people of the world face is the problem of contemporary slavery causing problems throughout the undeveloped and developed parts of the world. Sharon Prince has led the fight against contemporary slavery alongside Krishna Patel of the Unchain campaign and Grace Farms Foundation’s Justice Initiative Director.


One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation and its Unchain arm has been the partnership with the nation of Georgia. Upon his election, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze has become respected for his drive to turn his nation in Eastern Europe into a forward-thinking technologically advanced country. One of the election promises of the Georgia Prime Minister was to battle contemporary slavery and make the business sector as transparent as possible.


Working with the Grace Farms Foundation and its Chair, Sharon Prince allowed the nation of Georgia to become a leader in the movement towards a more transparent business sector. By working with Unchain and developing various programs to make it more difficult than ever for a business group to hide any form of slavery within their business.


Unchain believes the work being done with Georgia can act as a learning program for other governments around the world who wish to join Prince’s drive towards bringing social justice to the world. From the impressive River Building in New Canaan, Connecticut the work of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms Foundation employees allows groups including the United Nations a home for their social justice events. Find Related Information Here.


Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. Prince has serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. Two years ago Sharon Prince received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”. Her resume also include working as the President of 66North, a technical outerwear.


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Sandy Chin Reading Program

Sandy Chin Encourages Reading in Students


Sandy Chin, Tidal Bore Capital’s Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, saw a need for the children at a special public elementary school in New York City’s West Side to be provided with books to read over the summer. The William T. Harris School, known as PS 11, includes two low-income housing projects, and it would be a financial burden for their parents to have to buy the books. The PTA is already active in raising money to purchase necessary school supplies at no cost to the families.


The school summer break lasts for three months, and with no books to read, many students will actually backslide a reading grade level. Although many public libraries have summer reading programs for students, a majority of those low-income kids don’t have the chance to go to the library. In addition, actually owning a book is like a treasure to most children as they can hold and touch it and re-read it as often as they want.


Sandy Chin put together a volunteer “PS11 book drive team” and they held a “Books, Boxes & Bodies” effort in June of 2018. Their goal was to hopefully get enough used books donated to give each kindergartener several books to call their own and to read over the summer break. The overwhelming response was the donation of more than 3,500 books! That meant that the students in all the other grades got to do the same.


Students loved being able to choose their own books, but it was frustrating if they chose some beyond their reading levels. Sandy, together with teachers and parents, sorted the books according to their grade and level before distributing them to the children.


According to, after over 20 years in various financial sectors, Sandy Chin now runs a hedge fund company of her own along with a business partner, Bill Leach. However, she knows the excitement of reading and owning books because she fell in love with them when she was just a young child. She still has a penchant for English literature, fantasy, and science fiction. She shares her passion for books with her son and daughter and feels that they are living tributes to the power of reading.


With the tremendous success of that first book drive, it will now become an annual event at PS 11. It is hoped that other schools will follow that fine example.


Pushing The Envelope: or Jingdong is a company that first took flight in 1998. In the next twenty years, the company has become the leading online retailer in China just like Amazon in the United States. The company was originally a brick and mortar store and sold directly to consumers. When founder Richard Liu saw the potential for internet sales, Jingdong entered a new phase and was born. Since the switch, the company uses a combination of physical stores and online sales to make the company profitable. Now it pushed the envelope in the world of world of technology by testing drones.


In early 2019, was granted permission by the government to test a flight of a drone. The test took place in Indonesia and was the first of its kind. The drone delivered a pack of backpacks to a group of school children. This test has helped set the precedent for making commerce easier for people and businesses. This test allows Jingdong to give back to the customer base and be able to help as many needy children as possible.


Jingdong Mall has been at the forefront of giving back and partnering with other companies in China and Indonesia. With this success of this test, Jingdong will be able to help provide faster service to more than twenty million customers in Indonesia.


This drone test can help set Indonesia apart from other countries in the world. It can allow more people to get things much faster and at a cheaper price rather than waiting for more traditional delivery methods. By being able to make headway in Indonesia Jingdong can continue to provide the fastest service possible to a whole new market of consumers.


Richard Liu had no idea what he has been able to accomplish in the last two decades. The result of his hard work and determination has paid off in a big way. He has been able to raise the bar in many different industries. He has been able to make Jingdong one of the leaders in e-commerce. must advance with technology or get left behind in a constantly shifting landscape. Click Here to learn more.


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Career Journey Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Being the founder of JD.COM, Richard Liu Qiangdong has ensured that people get access to their preferred goods based on the time they need them. His firm is ranked as the largest online retail shop in China. The firm has outdone most companies in the country, thanks to the great strategies employed by its executives in its management.


Richard Liu has also employed the use of innovative measures to ensure that the company continues to grow faster to address the many needs of its clients. The firm has attracted many customers over the years, and as a result, it has continued to expand its services and affiliates in many parts of the country like Shanghai, Beijing and many more.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is known for the cautious measures he partakes when it comes to the operation of his firm. He always has engaged with other smart people in the industry to learn from them. Richard Liu Qiangdong  always puts at the forefront and he believes that its successes are always based on the actions he takes on his daily activities. In every conference that he holds, he seeks to engage with his customers and employees to pay attention to their opinions and views about the firm.


He has always reviewed the discussions held at his meetings to learn better ways through which he can make big developments to his firm. The perseverance he has worked towards his work has seen him stay strong even at times of challenges. Liu has also encouraged many upcoming individuals and those already in the sector not to despair no matter what they go through in their operations. Go Here to learn more.


Richard Liu Qiangdong has also taken part in a vast number of innovative projects through the help of his employees and he seeks to improve the world through his ideas. He recently helped in enhancing and bringing development in the logistics sector he seeks to build an underground tunnel for freight vehicles to reduce the level of pollution in the country caused by such machines. The continuous efforts of Richard Liu Qiangdong have enabled him to make lives better for many people across the globe. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.


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As the world’s biggest retailer, there is pressure on, also known to many as Jingdong Mall to be environmentally conscious. The company has done just that with a string of technological developments aimed at cutting down waste and pollution.

Jingdong Mall has changed the way it processes, delivers, and packages its products to help the environment. The company has a huge logistics operation. It has even built some of those logistics underground to reduce the need to have above ground infrastructure. That above ground area can then be used for parks and other environmentally friendly projects.

Jingdong Mall has made use of other technology in the way in delivers its products. The company processes billions of transactions a year, and it uses drones to deliver many of those packages. It is also using driverless robot vehicles that can drive around towns with no need for fossil fuels.

The packages themselves have changed. Many packages are now recyclable. If customers choose, they can receive their products in packages that can be reused. Delivery drivers can take the packages back, and they can be used up to ten more times, Delivery drivers can also pick up returns, so the customer does not have to mail them back. Get Additional Information Here. has even reduced the amount of tape it uses on its packages. It has reduced the amount of tape needed by 100 million meters in the last two years. The JD Foundation also partners with worldwide agencies like the United Nations Development Program to help reduce waste. recently took part in a program to recycle clothes and toys. Not only did it cut down on waste, but it also gave toys to children in need.

Jingdong is always looking at ways to help the environment, and it is hoping that its example will inspire other retail and e-commerce companies to do the same.