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Betsy DeVos and Family Donate Yearly To A Variety of Foundations and Organizations

Each year contributions made to organizations are made by various organizations and foundations who hope to change other’s lives by donating to a good cause. Betsy DeVos and the Family Foundation is one of those foundations who strive to help other organizations each year.


Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump during his 2016 Presidential Election as the Secretary of Education for the United States. Betsy DeVos holds her stance for support inside of school systems by supporting the school voucher program, school choice and placing funding into charter schools. While serving on the Republic National Committee from 92-97, Betsy sat on the Michigan Republic Party for over 4 years. She was then reelected to the position in 2003.


Advocating for charter schools in Detroit and a member of the Foundation for Excellence board, Betsy has helped to make charter schools better for students. She has also served as a board member for the Alliance for School Choice and the Action Institute.


Betsy DeVos married the former CEO of Amway, the multi-level marketing company, Dick DeVos. The daughter in law of billionaire Richard DeVos and sister to a ex Navy Seal, Erik Prince. Her brother is the founder of a business, Blackwater USA. Their parents are the founders of Prince Corporation and father, Edgar Prince. This family had been listed as the 88th most wealthiest families within the United States with a net worth of over $5 billion dollars.


During her nomination to the Secretary of Education position, Betsy was faced with a party line vote to win her position. The tie breaker vote was then placed into the hands of Vice President Mike Pence. He made the tie breaking decision and was the first time that a Vice President took position as the tie breaker.


Betsy and her husband have been actively advocating for the charter schools in Detroit. They are members of the foundation of Excellence in Education’s board. She has also sat on the board for Alliance of School Choice and the Action Institute as well as to All Children Matter.



Betsy and husband, Rick DeVos donate through charitable contributions each year to groups that participate in leadership abilities, guidance with the intention to assist in supporting individuals as well as focusing on the background in education and community work. During the year 2015, the family donated over $11 million dollars in donations for charitable giving and they have donated over $100 million dollars in the lifetime of the foundation. Listed as number 24 of Givers by Forbes Magazine, the family was listed in 2015.


Each year the family foundation offers donations to other organizations that include focus on education, giving to the community, support to individuals, leadership support roles and to those individuals who showcase the right mentality to support others within this background. Specific groups that Betsy DeVos has donated to include the Michigan Pregnancy Resource Center, the Right to Life Organization and the Michigan Foundation for Traditional Values.


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