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How Talkspace Has Help Michael Phelps Rehabilitate into a Happier Life

Talkspace has announced a partnership with Michael Phelps, an American Olympian swimmer, who has won twenty eight medals before retiring. Michael Phelps although a successful Olympian swimmer has been battling deep thoughts of suicide, due to his severe anxiety and depression. These conditions arose due to his multiple arrests, which range from being arrested for driving while intoxicated, to smoking illegal drugs like marijuana, which have led Michael Phelps to be suspended from multiple Olympic games. Michael Phelps discovered Talkspace, which he considered to have help him wake up to his goals, and rehabilitate him from alcohol, and drugs.

However, Michael Phelps believed that not everyone have been fortunate to receive help from licensed professionals, especially on of his friends who’s daughter have lost meaning in life and thinks about committing suicide. After introducing his friend to Talkspace, his daughter has recuperate, and is much happier. Michael Phelps, now happily married to his wife, Nicole Michael Phelps, hopes to make a future comeback to future Olympics to spread awareness about Talkspace, which he feel will be a wakeup call to anyone struggling with anxiety, and depression, who need to help living a happier life.

Founded in two thousand twelve by Oren, and Roni Frank, Talkspace, is an online therapy app that aims to help everyone have someone to talk to without having to travel in order to receive therapy. Talkspace online therapists are licensed to work with any patients ranging from LGBT( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Community) who feel unaccepted in society, or patients who have mental conditions such as depression, and anxiety. Talkspace also provides therapy to veterans who may need to let out stress, or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The foundation of Talkspace, is to provide accessibility to license therapist to anyone without discrimination, while also providing licensed therapy with high affordability, so that everyone can heal their problem, and live a happier life. Follow Talkspace on Twitter.