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How Drew Madden Innovated the World of Healthcare IT

The world of healthcare is one of the most complex industries. And at the center of the healthcare world is the billions amount of data that helps the medical industry care for their patients. At the forefront of Healthcare IT is entrepreneur Drew Madden. Mr. Madden recent sat down with Inspirery to talk about his accomplishments and his opinions on the future of Healthcare IT.

During the interview, Mr. Madden was asked about his work at Evergreen Healthcare Partners and the challenges of being a managing partner of one of the countries more innovative Healthcare IT firms. Mr. Madden responded that finding the right people ic critical to running a healthcare IT firm. Mr. Madden mentioned that his employees come from diverse background that includes those with a medical as well as a tech background. Employees at Evergreen Healthcare Partners come from all around the world, from a number of large companies like Microsoft.

Later on in the interview, Mr. Madden was asked he manages the day to day operations of the Healthcare IT firm. Mr. Madden responded that he wanted his teams to become as efficient as possible. And that efficiency comes down to the little things like managing client meetings, dealing with client conference calls and organizing post-meeting notes. Mr. Madden has noted that his clients usually mention how well run Nordic Consulting is compared to other consulting agencies.

Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Madden talked about the future of IT healthcare. He mentioned that making data more easily accessible will lead to better healthcare and quicker recovery for patients. Mr. Madden also envision a future where all medical records can be accessed much like a search engine. Mr. Madden believes that working with the other managing partners will help Evergreen be at the forefront of the Healthcare IT revolution.

Drew Madden is a Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company specializes in helping hospitals and medical clinics organize their medical and patient data. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin and have clients around the United States.