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Roseann Bennett Explains Mental Health


Those who are not familiar with mental health will misconstrue or abuse the term. Those committing heinous crimes or suffering from schizophrenia are often what people think of when hearing the words mental health. There is more to mental health than just who is extremely ill. It is actually how someone’s emotions and mind are overall.


Roseann Bennett Therapist writes on behalf of the group she founded from her perspective as a licensed marriage and family therapist in New Jersey.


Bennett has provided mental health services to individuals and has experience in marital and family therapy, treatment planning, case management, and crisis management.


She is also an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, the NJAMFT Northern Chapter President, and a writer on the side. Roseann Bennett has written in well-known magazines such as Wall Street Journal Woman of Note, the Huffington Post, and Lioness Magazine to name a few.


It Isn’t True that You are Healthy or Sick

The topic of mental health is not black and white, instead, it is a spectrum. You are not necessarily completely unstable if you have small issues. Take physical health as an example. You can manage things like ear infections or high cholesterol. The same is true when it comes to your mental health. Several people are not at their best mentally sometimes.


Violence is Not Always the Case

According to Roseann Bennett Therapist, the media has promoted the stereotype of violence because it focuses on the meltdowns of celebrities or mass shootings. This gives the public the idea that mental health is a dark, scary thing. Those with mental health issues are not all violent. Less than eight percent of crimes have a direct correlation to the symptoms of mental health. Substance abuse and poverty are contributors to why many perform acts of violence.


Children and Mental Health Issues

Children can display warning signs of concerns with mental health. These signs are seen before the age of 14 in half of the disorders. Symptoms begin showing before age 24 in 75 percent of disorders. A number of issues associated with mental health are not diagnosed and treated when adolescents first begin experiencing them.


No One Is Immune to Problems with Mental Health

You can have problems with your mental health even if there is no history of it in your family. American adults experience mental health issues at a rate of one in five. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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Roseann Bennett: The Successful Marriage And Family Therapist


Roseann Bennett is a qualified marriage as well as an experienced family therapist who has practiced for more than six years. She has worked with people from different backgrounds. Having served as an in-house therapist for more than two years, Bennett found it prudent to establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The agency is a not-for-profit organization that capitalizes in helping people with mental health disorders.


Roseann Bennett founded it to assist those who couldn’t afford the healthcare sessions they required before and after diagnosis. Under her leadership, Center for Assessment and Treatment has been helping the marginalized to acquire the recommended treatment at affordable prices. Even when a patient cannot pay for therapy, Roseann Bennett offers her services with the hope of helping the patient acquire their initial health. After its establishment in 2010, Center for Assessment and Treatment has supported people from all walks of life get the right therapy for their mental health disorders. Visit This Page for more information.


As the head of the agency, Roseann Bennett is tasked with the responsibility of providing overall guidance. She oversees direction, coordination, and the development of various programs as well as activities geared toward finding solutions for mental healthcare cases. Bennett also plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the agency maintains an adequate system of monetary resources to oversee growth and development.


Moreover, she directs and supervises agency employees, implements policies that will introduce transitions to propel success while administering treatment. Bennett supports student programs in her community. She creates learning and developmental programs such as MFT as well as LAC interns to work towards licensure.


Even so, Bennett still maintains her clinical practice at the Center for Assessment and Treatment since her passion lies in making a difference in people’s lives. Roseann Bennett’s contribution to the Center for Assessment and Treatment is rewarding and demanding since she must keep the organization running.


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Roseann Bennett Utilizes Canine Based Treatments


She started the Center with her own Money…

Roseann Bennett believes that folks from all walks of life should have access to therapy. It was with this idea in mind that she used her own savings to open the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The goal is to provide outreach and give people of all income levels access to psychological therapies. This, in and of itself, is groundbreaking.

When she saw how well children tend to interact with their canine counterparts, she remembered an important type of therapy; Canine Assisted Therapy. It is a strategy that exploits one of man’s oldest symbiotic relationships. The relationship of man and dog.


How do Dogs Help with Therapy?

Think of the many types of dogs currently helping those that need it. There are dogs that can sense an approaching medical emergency and warn the correct people. There are dogs that provide comfort by allowing the owner to pet and hold them.

According to Roseann Bennett, dogs are a lot more emotionally tuned into their human counterparts than some of these counterparts might realize. Dogs didn’t begin providing these services when science wanted them to, they have been performing these services for centuries. It is literally a part of Fido’s evolution to want to be linked with you and assist you. Find Additional Information Here.


It’s up to Roseann Bennett…

When it comes to programming for the center, it’s always up to Roseann Bennett. This idea is a lot more unique than most and it also hosts a wide variety of potential client applications. Roseann has invested in a therapy dog called “Jack,” for the center. He’s somewhere in between a new employee and an old family friend. One thing is for certain. He has an awful lot to offer the field of family therapy and also Bennett’s clients.


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Roseanne Bennett Penn’s Series Of Articles For Mental Health Month


Until Roseanne Bennett co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in Hackettstown, New Jersey the mental health needs of New Jersey’s low-income citizens went largely unmet. The center operates as a nonprofit organization.

Roseanne conceived the center to provide affordable mental health care to those society tends to overlook. Although the center was created in 2010 with the disenfranchised or marginalized in mind it’s services are available to anyone who needs them.

Roseanne Bennett holds a Master of Arts in Psychological Studies and an Education Specialist degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Both degrees are from Seton Hall. The bulk of Roseanne’s experience comes from treating adolescents.

Her experience also includes marriage and family therapy, case and crisis management, and treatment planning. Roseanne Bennett serves as the Center for Assessment’s executive director and helped to establish it as a “mirrored reflection” of her own values.

In recognition of this year’s Mental Health Month which is observed in May, Roseanne Bennett wrote a series of articles. Roseanne explained that the motivation for penning the articles was her innate desire to help people.

The theme of the articles is the effect of mental health issues on families. One article in the series addresses the marital consequences of untreated depression. The pieces also serve as a do-it-yourself guide to better mental health. Click Here to go to the source article.

Prior to the Center for Assessment and Treatment Roseanne Bennett worked for Contextual Family Services. CFS is a nonprofit that provides in-home family counseling. Roseanne’s complete work history includes time spent as an In-Home Family Therapist for Cambridge Behavioral Health.

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How Roseann Bennett Asserted Her Independence In The Mental Health Care Field

Seasoned family and marriage therapist, Roseann Bennett, boasts ten years of industry experience. When Bennett embarked on her entrepreneurial career in 2007, in-home counseling was her calling. After two years in this line of work, Bennett rerouted her career path and pursued outpatient therapy. Immediately, Bennett detected some deficiencies in the system. More specifically, she was met with one troubling reality: families and individuals weren’t receiving the treatment they desired. In fact, Roseann Bennett realized that it was taking six to nine months for most to get approved. In the hopes of dispelling this sullied image of mental health care services, Bennett embarked on a monumental venture.

Come 2010, Bennett was the proud co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit mental health agency. To this day, Bennett is pleased to say that not one individual has been denied access into their facilities. Given Bennett’s mission to “treat and advocate for people from all walks of life,” she feels it’s her duty to serve every person who seeks her counseling. While Bennett relishes being a successful business owner, she’s happiest when she’s “a part of the change that individuals see in themselves.” It’s for this reason why Bennett’s organization operates six days a week.

According to Bennett, the Future Of Therapy Is Promising. With the growing pervasiveness of mental health and psychology, Bennett believes that the stigmas surrounding her field will eventually peter out. In the hopes of encouraging collegiate to pursue careers as mental health professionals, Bennett offers scholarships programs via the Center. Get Related Information Here.

Bennett recognizes that these scholars will need some financial support, and she hopes to assume a pivotal role in streamlining the process. Above all else, Bennett maintains that Telemedicine is an up-and-coming trend that’ll make therapy a convenient outlet for all.



Roseann Bennett Is Using Puppy Power To Help Patients

Roseann Bennett is an experienced family therapist that always works with couples and marriages. Roseann works within her home area of New Jersey, specifically Hackettstown. Recently, Roseann Bennett has been utilizing Canine Assisted Therapy in her sessions and advising others to try out the same thing. Roseann is a co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment as well.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped thousands of people over the years and is also incorporating some routines that include canines within their organization. Roseann along with fellow colleagues of the organization are highly professional and work hard to keep the environment safe and friendly for all members, especially those that cannot afford help or have no one to help them.


Roseann incorporating canines into therapy sessions does incredibly well with children since most children enjoy being in the company of an animal. Also, most children are calmed when petting and playing with an animal, which makes them more open to a therapy session. The Center for Assessment and Treatment believes they will be able to improve on their canine services to help therapy patients more in the future since dogs can be trained for therapy similar to how they are trained to help services humans.


For Roseann Bennett, the best part of using canines as part of her therapy sessions is the calmness it brings her patients. As man’s best friend, dogs have a unique way of bonding with people, allowing them to open up and feel content. This is also great for trauma victims that are seeking therapy, as the same effect is applied. Dogs are not judgmental creatures and they can bond with anyone that shows them kindness, making them perfect for anyone seeking rehabilitation. Roseann Bennett is keen to continue incorporating canines into her therapy sessions for all purposes and find more useful ways to help improve the mental state of her patients. See This Page for more information.



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