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Betsy DeVos Is Working Hard To Make The Educational System Of America Great Again

Betsy DeVos is known to some as a gracious and kind woman and to many others as a political warrior who can stand toe to toe with the most sharpened political adversaries. One of the largest issues of the day, when she came into office as the United States Secretary of Education, was the argument over transgender bathroom access. Ms. DeVos, for all intensive purposes appeared to be for the move, but she never showed any kind of separation from Mr. Trump on the subject. Many people have underestimated Betsy DeVos while many others knew she would eventually come into her own and represent the office of the Secretary of Education well.


When Betsy DeVos was younger, she worked with her father at his auto parts company and looked up to the man who backed many different Christian conservative ideals. Her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself both attended private schools, and she has worked for over thirty years to get more public funding for private charter schools. The reason for her support of getting vouchers to cover the cost of private schools is to give poor families a choice as to where their children can attend school. Due to her efforts many private schools in the Detroit area have managed to stay open while others were working to shut them down.


While her opponents at her confirmation hearings for becoming Secretary of Education attempted to make her look like a fool, she took it on the chin and even made light jokes about it later. Republican leaders have commented on the fact that Ms. DeVos is open to having conversations about the state of education in the United States, because something needs to be done. Even with leaders of her political opposition working to make a fool out of her, she has managed to become the Secretary of Education, and she is now working harder than most to make America an educational world leader.


Betsy DeVos was born in 1958 and raised in the Dutch community of Holland, Michigan. She has always been a Christian and studied at the Christian school Calvin College near the Grand Rapids area when she was younger. Her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself have always championed religious causes and donate to them whenever possible. One of her favorite causes is the expansion of charter schools by allowing students to pay for their attendance by using public funding. This gives parents a choice as to what kind of school they want their child to attend, because many Christians feel like God is being left out of the education process, entirely.


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