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Social Justice

How Sharon Prince Is Creating A Sense Of Community through Grace Farms


Grace Farms is a community place that provides sufficient space beyond what you will normally get in a common park in your neighborhood. In a place where you go and spend your time alone, Grace Farms is open for all and plays a significant role in helping people visiting to work as a community. It is common knowledge that many people around the country concentrate on their daily lives and no one wonders what is happening with other members of the community.


Grace Farms gives families an opportunity to interact with other families who have come to witnesses the picturesque beauty that has been there for almost ten years. Brining different families together is a sense of creating a harmonious community that can care for one another and form a large population that is concerned about the entire population around the country. In summers, community interactions are at all-time high with different families performing joint tasks. Find Additional Information Here.


Led by Sharon Prince, Grace Farms has been implementing various programs and strategies that are all geared towards bringing the members of the community together. One of the main programs is catch-and-release fishing, which is mostly done during the summer. This breathtaking community activity has been used as the foundation for friendship as several families join hands to catch and release fish in the river traversing the entire Grace Farms. There are other exploration activities that community members can perform together at Grace Farms.


About Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince is a visionary leader who has been able to bring into perspective what many people could not have imagined.


Prince has been able to establish Grace Farms, which is a public space that has been helping a considerable number of people to interact with one another and experience nature at the same time. Other non-profit organizations have also been taking their members in this farm fore team building activities.



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