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Securus Technology: Helping people feel more secure

This article will explore Secures Technologies in an event that happened about a year ago. In Dallas, Texas it had published a group of comments about customers on utilizing technology to figure out and stop crimes. Some of these crimes are inmate-on-inmate crimes.


There was a tiny collection of comments that were from email communications and formal letter. These were gotten from jail and prison officials all over the United States. These are from officials who have the task for making the rebellion environment safer and better. About every week Secures comes out with a new service or product which assists in the crime prevention and discovery.


There were many comments given to Securers Technology from the facility customers. One such comment was a thank you for information for the cell phone. This information helped arrest a criminal very quickly. Another one was another thank you for enhancing someone’s jail security and investigations. One more example was a recognition for the LBS software. It has greatly helped recover money from illegal drugs, cash money, and illegal assets as well.


Now some general information regarding Secures Technologies. This organization is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcements, and public safety organizations all over North America. It has a main focus to connect on the things that matter.


Secures Technologies has a commitment to connect and serve. This is done by providing things like public information, investigation, communications, and biometric analysis, to name a few. This is in order to make the world a safer place to live in.


Securus Technologies Industry Experts in Correctional Technology

There are very few companies in the field of criminal justice technology that offers comprehensive services as Securus Technologies does. The service portfolio of Securus Technologies for the inmate communications is one of the widest available in the industry and includes phone services, jail voicemail, email services, video services, video visitation, money transfer services, and more. There are over 3,400 law enforcement, public safety, and correctional facilities that use the services of Securus Technologies.
One of the leading reasons why Securus Technologies has surfaced as the market leader in the law enforcement technology and inmate communications field is because of the company’s dedicated approach to continuously innovate and develop something that isn’t available, but is needed by the end users.  One of the examples of such innovations is the communication services named video visitation launched by the company recently. It helps in connecting the inmates with their families and friends through video calling features. It would help the inmates to see their relatives and friends live through their Apple or Android Smartphones or tablets.
Such a service would make it easy for the inmates to see their family more frequently, rather than just talking. It is an innovative technology that has become hugely popular among the inmates across the country. The company holds a very dominating position in the industry in North America and the company’s CEO Rick Smith said recently that in the near future, it plans to spread across the nation and start operations in Mexico and Canada as well. Securus Technologies’ products and services for the law enforcement agencies are also widely recognized in the industry. As per the experts, products offered by Securus Technologies to the law enforcement officers have considerably improved their performance in the line of duty as well as given a boost to their confidence as such technology automatically gives them an upper hand over the criminals.