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Contemporary Slavery The Latest Battle For Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Foundation


The Grace Farms Foundation and its leader, Sharon Prince have been seeking new ways of battling many of the social issues facing the world which go unreported. One of the social justice issues the people of the world face is the problem of contemporary slavery causing problems throughout the undeveloped and developed parts of the world. Sharon Prince has led the fight against contemporary slavery alongside Krishna Patel of the Unchain campaign and Grace Farms Foundation’s Justice Initiative Director.


One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation and its Unchain arm has been the partnership with the nation of Georgia. Upon his election, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze has become respected for his drive to turn his nation in Eastern Europe into a forward-thinking technologically advanced country. One of the election promises of the Georgia Prime Minister was to battle contemporary slavery and make the business sector as transparent as possible.


Working with the Grace Farms Foundation and its Chair, Sharon Prince allowed the nation of Georgia to become a leader in the movement towards a more transparent business sector. By working with Unchain and developing various programs to make it more difficult than ever for a business group to hide any form of slavery within their business.


Unchain believes the work being done with Georgia can act as a learning program for other governments around the world who wish to join Prince’s drive towards bringing social justice to the world. From the impressive River Building in New Canaan, Connecticut the work of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms Foundation employees allows groups including the United Nations a home for their social justice events. Find Related Information Here.


Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. Prince has serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. Two years ago Sharon Prince received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”. Her resume also include working as the President of 66North, a technical outerwear.


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