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Igor Cornelsen’s Professional Career Path

Igor Cornelsen’s prowess in financial advice and investment strategies has placed him as one of the most highly ranked professionals in the investment and banking sectors. Igor Cornelsen had a solid background in Economics and was brought up in a humble environment by his parents in Brazil. He managed to secure a banking position after the completion of his studies at the local bank. His dedication and exceptional skills enabled him to grow his career extensively in the banking field, and he got promoted to the rank of the chief executive officer of the Multibanco bank.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Igor Cornelsen established himself as an entrepreneur later on after the local bank he worked for was acquired by a large United States financial institution. He set up an investment firm-Bainbridge Investment Inc.- and employed a team of professionals to assist him in the provision of expert advice on investment. His vast years of experience and a solid background in finance and banking played a significant role in the success of his enterprise. Igor Cornelsen advises clients to consider investing in bonds, mutual funds and stock that have continuous growth. He works at Bainbridge Investment Company where he offers businesses and clients with expert knowledge on strategies to succeed. His company has a good reputation in Brazil and provides expert advice to local and international investors.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice to Clients

Igor states that business proprietors should communicate the vision of their organization to all employees and develop a culture of mutual trust within the organization. Igor also points out that regular assessment of the progress of the business is paramount and staff appraisal to motivate employees. He gives his knowledge on the importance of investing in damaged stocks while prospecting about the future. Igor also encourages investors to have adequate experience in currency exchange rates to succeed in investing in the international markets. Igor says that the Brazilian economy offers significant opportunities for investors worldwide and, therefore, they should take the chance and make the best investment decisions.