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National Steel Car, Riding the Rails to the Top with CEO Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is best known, today, for his leadership in the National Steel Car company; located in Canada. Born in London, Ontario in 1949. Mr. Aziz began his college career at Ridley College. Later, he attended the University of Western Ontario, majoring in Economics. He began showing his ability to make a business prosper with his family’s whole food company, “Affiliated Foods”, in 1971. Within 16 years, his family’s business grew to become a major importer of fresh foods.

During the 1980s and 90s, James Aziz went to New York to work on investment banking opportunities. In 1994 he helped arrange the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. He has continued to work with the company since then, now as CEO and President. His knowledge and leadership has brought about major growth over the years in the company. In 1994, 3500 rail cars were made per year, with just 600 employees. Since 1999, 12,000 rail cars are being made per year, with about 3,000 employees. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car, has been awarded the TTX SECO award 13 for more than a decade.

Greg James Aziz has shown a commitment to the safety of the railway car industry by supporting the North American harmonized regulations in 2015.These rules help maintain the making of strong and safe rail tank cars that will transport flammable liquids. During the month of June of 2018, it was announced that National Steel Car would be making 700 new and improved rail cars for Canpotex. They will be designed especially for the transporting of potash, which is just one of Canada’s largest mineral exports.

National Steel Car and Canpotex have maintained a working partnership for over 100 years. With the guidance and oversight of CEO Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car will greatly benefit the community of Hamilton and it employees with this new opportunity with Canpotex. It will allow hundreds of National Steel Car employees maintain job security. See This Article for additional information.


President and CEO Aziz has shown that success in business is not his only objective, but also having content employees and working within the community. National Steel Car employees have a large food drive each year to donate to local food banks. The company also has worked with The Hamilton Opera, United Way, and the Salvation Army. Greg Aziz and his wife also sponsor Canada’s “Royal Agricultural Winter Fair”.


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