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Celebrity Dr. David Samadi Has an Exciting Livestream Show

Physician’s have often been accused of being tight lipped about their work, but an exception to that rule is Dr. David Samadi. He’s started his own livestream show “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” He will be chatting about the latest news, treatments, and innovations in the medical field. There are few physicians with his expertise, so this is definitely an exciting show to watch.

Besides himself, he has a slate of guests scheduled, all experts in the medical field to discuss their specific areas of expertise. The major difference between him and other celebrity doctors is he will only feature guests who have peer reviewed medical treatments or products. Health care professionals with recently published books are also going to be featured.

Medical experts from around the country are excited to be taking part in the show, which will help demystify the medical field, and give practical insight into the wellness process. He will also have other health care professionals filling in for him as host when he is unable to be live on camera, and read full article.

One of the best aspects of this new show is the inclusion of live calls from viewers. Now the public will have a chance to grill the expert, and most importantly, learn about the latest happenings in the medical field. Dr. Samadi plans on keeping the language simple, speaking so the vast majority of viewers will understand, and resume him.

Each episode will narrow in on a particular branch or topic in health care. One episode might be a question and answer session about men’s reproductive systems, while the next might be focused on the benefits of certain styles of eating. Keeping it focused and in layman’s terms is bound to make this informative show an entertaining and popular choice with viewers, and

There are several places to watch this livestream. Tune in on, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook at 12:30 pm every Sunday afternoon.

Dr.David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology, and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a frequent contributor and medical expert for Fox News. He is also a urology professor at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and has performed over 7,000 surgical procedures over the course of his career.

there are four type of prostatitis:#health #healthtips #prevention

— Dr. David Samadi(@drdavidsamadi) November 17, 2017

How Lori Senecal’s Unique Management Talent has Shaped CP&B

CP&B, a reputable advertising agency, recently issued a public statement regarding the departure of its global CEO Lori Senecal. Senecal got the opportunity to work with the ad agency based on her organizational and management talents. Since she took over as global CEO, CP&B has garnered high-profile clients like the American Airlines. She also created an effective system for the firm’s management and communication to be applied in the agency’s worldwide offices.

Despite Senecal’s departure, a new member, Danielle Aldrich, was added to the agency’s global leadership team as president. This new member is expected to serve in CP&B West that consists of several Los Angeles offices and Boulder. In praise of Aldrich’s promotion, Lori Senecal pointed out that Aldrich symbolizes the company’s core values. Danielle Aldrich previously served as co-managing director of CP&B’s subsidiary, Boulder.

Lori Senecal also mentioned that her decision to leave the company was because she had achieved a lot from CP&B. As she made a debut in the advertising industry working for a Canadian ad agency, her goal was to work in the U.S. Through her determination and dedication; she got the chance to work for companies such as KBS and McCann New York.

It has been rumored that Senecal’s replacement will come from Forsman & Bodenfors, a Swedish creative company. In 2016, this company entered into a partnership agreement with CP&B. Executives from CP&B have not confirmed these claims though they are likely to be true.

About Lori Senecal

Senecal’s duties at CP&B involved overseeing the agency’s ten global subsidiaries and expansion and growth initiatives. Thanks to her leadership efforts, CP&B transformed into a collaborative and an inventive firm. The firm has also proved to be consistent in service delivery and global expansion. Based on these efforts it was listed for Advertising Age’s “Creativity Innovation of the Year” accolade. Check out GCReport for more info.

Before her employment as CP&B’s global CEO, Lori Senecal was involved with several world-renowned companies. These include KBS, as board chair and CEO, McCann Workgroup, as a chief innovative officer, and McCann Erickson, as president. Senecal’s awards and accolades include AdAge’s “Women to Watch” and Quantum Leap Award for leadership and innovation.

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Betsy DeVos and Family Donate Yearly To A Variety of Foundations and Organizations

Each year contributions made to organizations are made by various organizations and foundations who hope to change other’s lives by donating to a good cause. Betsy DeVos and the Family Foundation is one of those foundations who strive to help other organizations each year.


Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump during his 2016 Presidential Election as the Secretary of Education for the United States. Betsy DeVos holds her stance for support inside of school systems by supporting the school voucher program, school choice and placing funding into charter schools. While serving on the Republic National Committee from 92-97, Betsy sat on the Michigan Republic Party for over 4 years. She was then reelected to the position in 2003.


Advocating for charter schools in Detroit and a member of the Foundation for Excellence board, Betsy has helped to make charter schools better for students. She has also served as a board member for the Alliance for School Choice and the Action Institute.


Betsy DeVos married the former CEO of Amway, the multi-level marketing company, Dick DeVos. The daughter in law of billionaire Richard DeVos and sister to a ex Navy Seal, Erik Prince. Her brother is the founder of a business, Blackwater USA. Their parents are the founders of Prince Corporation and father, Edgar Prince. This family had been listed as the 88th most wealthiest families within the United States with a net worth of over $5 billion dollars.


During her nomination to the Secretary of Education position, Betsy was faced with a party line vote to win her position. The tie breaker vote was then placed into the hands of Vice President Mike Pence. He made the tie breaking decision and was the first time that a Vice President took position as the tie breaker.


Betsy and her husband have been actively advocating for the charter schools in Detroit. They are members of the foundation of Excellence in Education’s board. She has also sat on the board for Alliance of School Choice and the Action Institute as well as to All Children Matter.



Betsy and husband, Rick DeVos donate through charitable contributions each year to groups that participate in leadership abilities, guidance with the intention to assist in supporting individuals as well as focusing on the background in education and community work. During the year 2015, the family donated over $11 million dollars in donations for charitable giving and they have donated over $100 million dollars in the lifetime of the foundation. Listed as number 24 of Givers by Forbes Magazine, the family was listed in 2015.


Each year the family foundation offers donations to other organizations that include focus on education, giving to the community, support to individuals, leadership support roles and to those individuals who showcase the right mentality to support others within this background. Specific groups that Betsy DeVos has donated to include the Michigan Pregnancy Resource Center, the Right to Life Organization and the Michigan Foundation for Traditional Values.


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A Review of Louis Chenevert’s Achievements at UTC

In his career, Louis Chenevert has achieved much success. For 14 years, the visionary leader worked as St. Therese Production General Manager, which is a unit of General Motors. In addition, Chenevert served as the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is French-Canadian. Louis holds a bachelor’s degree in production management from the world-renowned University of Montreal.

For over ten years, Louis worked for General Motors. Later, he joined Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of United Technologies Corporation. After working for six years at Pratt & Whitney Canada, the executive was elected president of the entire business in 1999. Chenevert rendered his services for seven years before he was promoted to serve as the president and CEO of UTC.

As the head of UTC, which is worth $100 billion, Chenevert achieved much success. A large number of corporate executives are yet to achieve such achievements in their respective professions. Early in his career at UTC, Louis Chenevert played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Goodrich. Negotiations with the leadership of the company went on for over a year before they settled on a deal of $18.4 billion.

Moreover, Chenevert focused on promoting the advancement of technology and growth of employees. He helped the company to invest in outstanding technology and its people. When he took over the leadership of the company, Chenevert made it his personal goal to use his knowledge and experience to make significant improvements in UTC. He is credited for initiating a noble Employee Scholar Program. This initiative covers the cost of education for the employees seeking to enhance their careers. More than 40,000 UTC employees graduated with their degree courtesy of the program.

The executive’s forward-thinking ability is one of his admirable qualities. He was able to select projects having the greatest potential to advance the firm’s vision and inspire employees to work towards enhancing the company’s success. Owing to his exceptional commitment to his work and vast accomplishments, Chenevert has been honored multiple times. In 2009, he received the National Building Museum’s Honor Award. In 2011, Aviation Week & Space Technology named him as the Person of the Year.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Brings Spectacular Ideas To Dentistry

Sleep deprivation is a complicated issue. Experts have done extensive research to understand the problem. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has broken new ground as a sleep apnea specialist. Sleep apnea sufferers usually don’t realize the extent of their condition. The problem is very wide-ranging. Dr. Weisfogel is a dentist who created a new approach to this complicated matter.

Patients obviously won’t think to look to a dentist to help them with sleep apnea issues. It is not reasonable to expect dentistry is where the problem could be solved. The common thing to do is to see a sleep apnea specialist. Dr. Weisfogel changed this logic.

Avi Weisfogel was able to make these achievements because he had an open mind about what he could do with his dentistry skills. He understood that his education would enable him help many people with more than just their teeth. Over time treating sleep apnea became Dr. Weisfogel’s number one priority. The inspiration came after meeting a patient who was suffering from this debilitating ailment.

Dr. Weisfogel demonstrated a diligent work ethic as he earned his credentials to be a practicing dentist. He received a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. Weisfogel then went on to New York University to obtain his doctorate in dental surgery. He soon opened a practice and called it Old Bridge Dental Care. Old Bridge Dental Care established itself as a leader in dentistry right away.

Studying sleep disorder presented many challenges for Dr. Weisfogel. He discovered that there were many other specialist who were not performing the proper sleep test for certain patients. Inconsistencies arose as he continued to evaluate how sleep apnea was being treated by other Physicians. Avi Weisfogel decided that he needed to reach out to others in the medical community to help solve this problem. There needed to be a worldwide standard that everyone could look to for training and guidance.

Weisfogel eventually developed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients in 2012. He immediately saw that this was the necessary format for gaining the traction he needed to make an impact on this serious issue. Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients provided a solid basis for all experts interested to share their ideas and improve the treatment process. The forum also attracted stakeholders who were interested in the possibilities what this Think Tank could produce.

Waiakea Water is Just Naturally Good

When it comes to bottled water, the term “revolutionary” rarely ever springs to mind–after all, it’s just water. Waiakea Inc. has managed to flip this notion on its head. Founded in 2012, Waiakea bottled water is quite possibly the purest water on the market. The water is sourced from the Mauna Loa volcano, located on the island of Hawaii, and undergoes a natural filtration process, whereby it’s filtrated as passes through volcanic rock. This all-natural filtration process allows minerals and electrolytes to naturally fuse with the water, well before the bottling process gets underway.

When it comes to bottling this mineral-infused water, Waikea prides themselves on using recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which is fully degradable, as opposed to BPA plastics, which have been linked to cancer. This process easily differentiates Waikea from other bottled water companies; not only is recycled polyethylene terephthalate better for the environment it also requires less energy to manufacture, which reduces overhead and allows the company deliver a healthier bottled water alternative, that is more cost-effective when compared to other brands of bottled water.

Since being founded in 2012, Waiakea Inc. has enjoyed exponential growth; in fact, the company reportedly has a $10 million valuation, which is impressive for such a young company. Waiakea’s valuation figures are the sum total of a 170% annual growth rate. When the company began its foray into the bottled water industry, they were selling roughly 2,300 cases of water per year; within a span of 3.5 years, they were selling upwards of 123,000 cases annually. Considering that most startup businesses typically fail within the first five years, Waiakea’s success is nothing short of amazing.

Why is Waikea Inc. so successful? It’s probably because they focus on things that their contemporaries don’t. For example, the company chose to use a high-quality variant of recycled polyethylene terephthalate, instead of the standard version. In addition, Waikea opted to take advantage of natural water filtration, as opposed to filtering their water during the manufacturing process; not only is this far more cost-effective, it allows their water to be naturally infused with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Securus Technology: Helping people feel more secure

This article will explore Secures Technologies in an event that happened about a year ago. In Dallas, Texas it had published a group of comments about customers on utilizing technology to figure out and stop crimes. Some of these crimes are inmate-on-inmate crimes.


There was a tiny collection of comments that were from email communications and formal letter. These were gotten from jail and prison officials all over the United States. These are from officials who have the task for making the rebellion environment safer and better. About every week Secures comes out with a new service or product which assists in the crime prevention and discovery.


There were many comments given to Securers Technology from the facility customers. One such comment was a thank you for information for the cell phone. This information helped arrest a criminal very quickly. Another one was another thank you for enhancing someone’s jail security and investigations. One more example was a recognition for the LBS software. It has greatly helped recover money from illegal drugs, cash money, and illegal assets as well.


Now some general information regarding Secures Technologies. This organization is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcements, and public safety organizations all over North America. It has a main focus to connect on the things that matter.


Secures Technologies has a commitment to connect and serve. This is done by providing things like public information, investigation, communications, and biometric analysis, to name a few. This is in order to make the world a safer place to live in.


Karl Heideck’s Discussion On The New Automobile Seat Law In Pennsylvania

     According to a report made by the American Automobile Association (AAA), car accidents are the leading causes of child fatalities and injuries. The safety of kids is paramount when travelling in cars, especially for children under the age of two. In 2016, the state of Pennsylvania ruled that children must be safely laid at a rare-facing seat of the car. Those who failed to comply with the ruling received a stern warning from the police during the first year. So far, this period has expired. The new law focuses on keeping kids safe by reducing the risks that are associated with accidents.

Senators and representatives from Keystone State have always championed for laws seeking to protect commonwealth youths. This way, the safety of children in vehicles is an important step towards protecting them when traveling on busy and risk-posing roads. The safeguard begins when the children are made to sit on the rare-facing seats that can protect their sensitive spines, necks, and heads. Clear understanding of what makes up the new law will play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety of the kids and removing the caregivers from any ensuing trouble. The seats must be installed properly to fit the child’s weight and height. For more convenience, several inspection sites are available in all parts of the state. To be on the safe side, childcare providers, parents, and guardians must adhere to the new regulation and be ready to face the consequences that include hefty fines if they ignore.

The new automobile seat law in Pennsylvania has caught the attention of Karl Heideck, an experienced attorney, specializing in compliance, risk management, and litigation. In the recent past, the executive wrote extensively about the topic. He serves the entire Philadelphia region. Karl Heideck is an alumnus of the renowned James E. Beasley Law School, Temple University where he earned his Juris Doctor in 2009. After graduation, he started practicing law. Notably, Karl Heideck focuses on offering his clients with innovative services, including compliance consultancy services and risk management advice.

Karl Heideck has been offering his legal services for than a decade. When he is not in the courtroom or serving his clients, Karl Heideck is busy writing blogs. The prolific writer knows the value of staying abreast with the latest information on matters of law. Owing to his vast experience and adequate legal knowledge, Karl has dedicated his time to explaining different legal topics and the current trends in law to the public.

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Boraie Development, Reputable Company Being Sought-After in New Jersey

The real estate market situation in New Jersey has been trailing. According to an article that was published via Central Jersey Working Moms, New Jersey has so far surpassed most states by having the largest shares and the rates of residential mortgages that are in foreclosure and are also extremely delinquent. According to the Realtor Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, the housing shortages are likely to intensify and turn into a housing emergency if the gap between the housing supplies and housing demands widens.

New Upcoming Development Companies

However, new development companies are coming up with an aim of improving the real estate market in the New Jersey area. There are several upcoming contracting and developments companies with the aim of improving the real estate industry in New Jersey. An example of a contracting company that is quite determined to save the real estate market in New Jersey is Boraie Development.

Boraie development has been in existence for over 20 years in the market with a great track record and a strong background and foundation. As a result, it is one of the sought-after companies in New Jersey. Boraie Development has powerful connections with various financial institutions. For example, Boraie development not only sources its capital from within but from private funding sources like commercial banks. The company also attributes its success to its top-notch architects who are timely and professional in meeting deadlines.

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About Boraie Development

Boraie Development offers a wide range of services such as property management, selling quality building services and other aspects of urban real estate services. These services are offered by a team of professionals committed to offering high-class services to produce spectacular real estate solutions to meet the expectations of the clients. At Boraie Development, property management is one of the best attributes and development properties are marketed to fill the increasing demand for housing properties.

Boraie Development is led by Omar Boraie who has served as the president since 1972. The company has made more than 150 million dollars in sales of residential and commercial transactions. Boraie specializes in creating projects that attract tenants, high profile residents, and financial partners to be in long-term working relationships. The main properties considered by the company are residential, hotel assets, retails, and students housing facilities. has a track record of enhancing and developing activities in the urban communities in New Jersey.

George Soros’ Path to Philanthropic Success

There are few people in the world who can lay claim to being a billionaire. There are even fewer people who can also claim to have given billions of dollars back to the world through their philanthropic efforts. George Soros, a notable investor and one of the brightest faces of progressive politics, Soros has made a name for himself as a brilliant investor with the Soros Hedge Fund and he has made sure to give his all into making the world a better place around him. George Soros’ story is as interesting as it is long and it’s better served digging right into.

George Soros was raised in Hungary, where he was born, and he would be a teenager when he’d be forced to flee from the country for his life. In 1944 the Nazi occupation began in earnest while WW2 was in full swing. Soros and his family members saw Nazis come to town and oppress in the way that only violent, inspired nationalists. Over the year of the occupation over 500,000 Jews from Hungary would end up dead, brutally murdered by the regime. Soros and his family would help countless Hungarian Jews escape before fleeing and emigrating to London. Soros would go to school at the London School of Economics where he would become familiar with the philosophy of Karl Popper. Soros would use this opportunity to enhance the key concepts that he would carry with him for the rest of his life as both a businessman and a political figure and read full article.

After graduating George Soros would move to New York, literally setting sail for America. Soros would set up shop in New York where he would pursue his dream of becoming a great investor. Soros would succeed before too long and he would use his newfound success in order to establish the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is the philanthropic arm of the Soros fortune and it has been focused on providing funding to grassroots foundations all around the world that are focused on democracy, social justice, and transparent governing. To date the Open Society Foundations has donated over $12 billion to a variety of different places all around the planet, including here at home in the United States and his Twitter.

George Soros has done more with his wealth than most but that has never satisfied him. Now, Soros is focused on fighting back against the destructive Donald Trump agenda. Soros knows that Donald Trump stands for everything that Soros has spent his life working toward. George Soros is instigating social progress in the progressive party and he is inspiring more liberal elites to get involved again. George Soros will be the key to democratic success in the next couple of years and contact him.

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