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Roseann Bennett: The Successful Marriage And Family Therapist


Roseann Bennett is a qualified marriage as well as an experienced family therapist who has practiced for more than six years. She has worked with people from different backgrounds. Having served as an in-house therapist for more than two years, Bennett found it prudent to establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The agency is a not-for-profit organization that capitalizes in helping people with mental health disorders.


Roseann Bennett founded it to assist those who couldn’t afford the healthcare sessions they required before and after diagnosis. Under her leadership, Center for Assessment and Treatment has been helping the marginalized to acquire the recommended treatment at affordable prices. Even when a patient cannot pay for therapy, Roseann Bennett offers her services with the hope of helping the patient acquire their initial health. After its establishment in 2010, Center for Assessment and Treatment has supported people from all walks of life get the right therapy for their mental health disorders. Visit This Page for more information.


As the head of the agency, Roseann Bennett is tasked with the responsibility of providing overall guidance. She oversees direction, coordination, and the development of various programs as well as activities geared toward finding solutions for mental healthcare cases. Bennett also plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the agency maintains an adequate system of monetary resources to oversee growth and development.


Moreover, she directs and supervises agency employees, implements policies that will introduce transitions to propel success while administering treatment. Bennett supports student programs in her community. She creates learning and developmental programs such as MFT as well as LAC interns to work towards licensure.


Even so, Bennett still maintains her clinical practice at the Center for Assessment and Treatment since her passion lies in making a difference in people’s lives. Roseann Bennett’s contribution to the Center for Assessment and Treatment is rewarding and demanding since she must keep the organization running.


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