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Roseann Bennett Utilizes Canine Based Treatments


She started the Center with her own Money…

Roseann Bennett believes that folks from all walks of life should have access to therapy. It was with this idea in mind that she used her own savings to open the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The goal is to provide outreach and give people of all income levels access to psychological therapies. This, in and of itself, is groundbreaking.

When she saw how well children tend to interact with their canine counterparts, she remembered an important type of therapy; Canine Assisted Therapy. It is a strategy that exploits one of man’s oldest symbiotic relationships. The relationship of man and dog.


How do Dogs Help with Therapy?

Think of the many types of dogs currently helping those that need it. There are dogs that can sense an approaching medical emergency and warn the correct people. There are dogs that provide comfort by allowing the owner to pet and hold them.

According to Roseann Bennett, dogs are a lot more emotionally tuned into their human counterparts than some of these counterparts might realize. Dogs didn’t begin providing these services when science wanted them to, they have been performing these services for centuries. It is literally a part of Fido’s evolution to want to be linked with you and assist you. Find Additional Information Here.


It’s up to Roseann Bennett…

When it comes to programming for the center, it’s always up to Roseann Bennett. This idea is a lot more unique than most and it also hosts a wide variety of potential client applications. Roseann has invested in a therapy dog called “Jack,” for the center. He’s somewhere in between a new employee and an old family friend. One thing is for certain. He has an awful lot to offer the field of family therapy and also Bennett’s clients.


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