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Steve Lesnard’s Principles Of Marketing Products In The Digital Era


The digital life has dynamically changed the way people used to do things. Almost all sectors have changed their ways f operations into digital ones by the use of technology which is advancing every day. People in business ought to change their ways of marketing their products for them to survive in the competitive global market. As a marketer, you ought to give in-depth details of your product and explain frankly its benefits which will add value to the consumer.


Steve Lesnard, who is a well-known entrepreneur in Portland, has two principles which he uses to market products at Nike. Steve Lesnard is the Global Brand Manager at Nike who plays a role in marketing the brand. He is professional businessperson with a master’s degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from the Babson College. This article describes the two principles used by Steve Lesnard.


Principle 1: Make it Memorable by keeping it simple

When marketing your product, ensure that you provide a brief introduction of what your product is and highlight the benefits it will add to the consumer precisely. Always avoid ambiguous language and be straightforward in describing your product. Make your language enticing and understandable. Large companies use this principle of simplicity, and their products thrive successfully. Try this principle, and with no time you will secure a place in the broader global market. Refer to This Article for more information.


Principle 2: Bring it to life by making it real.

Provide the consumer with information that will fully satisfy them. Avoid faking and giving false information as this digital era is not a time of lying to the customers since they are aware of counterfeit and fake products. Explain to them what your product entails and make them feel it and b so doing you will conquer their hearts. What does your product do to them? How does it look on the consumer’s body? How will the consumer utilize it? All these aspects ought to be put into consideration while marketing your products. Providing fake testimonials and videos are not useful tools in marketing in the digital era as people nowadays are exposed and enlightened.


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